Kate E. Large

Kate E. Large

Partnering with awesome people. Creating and doing things that matter.

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Kate started Large Ideas to bring high quality strategic and leadership consulting to CEOs, leaders and business owners who want an unique approach focusing on business health.

Whether you're building, transforming or growing your business, Kate will partner with you and your leadership team to review and improve your current business strategy and operational model to help you achieve your goals. By focusing on creating Large Ideas, creating action plans, and streamlining processes for you, she will help your company get faster results.

An entrepreneurial upbringing taught Kate branding, sales, customer service, back end operations, and logistics. Born to lead business development and transformation, Kate is the strategist who sees the sketch marks that will form the big picture.

Kate is a COO and CMO by experience and education. Flourishing post-MBA as an executive with C-level interaction at Fortune 100 firms, she developed strategies, pioneered technology innovation, and designed and developed products. Her colleagues, executives, clients and partners trust her and her work. A huge part of that trust is driven by the strength of the lasting relationships she builds.

Leaving the corporate world, her entrepreneurial genetics kicked in. Since founding her own consulting firms in 2011, Kate has successfully advised, coached, and strategized with business leaders and entrepreneurs in various industries, helping them in start-up, turnaround and growth phases.

At Large Ideas, we believe in Philanthropy and Community Support. Based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Kate is active with a strong commitment to our surrounding communities including Matthews and Mint Hill and enjoys being a sounding board and a connector for individuals and leaders. Kate and her firm, Large Ideas, both support many worthy charitable organizations and have participated in large-scale fundraising campaigns.

Kate's specialties: Strategies, Innovation, Marketing, Partnership Development, Operations

Special Industries: Corporate, Financial Services, Banking, Legal, High-end Retail, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Non-Profit